Doctorate Degree in Business Management

Companies want managers with both experience and knowledge. Since the job market is becoming saturated with professionals holding MBAs, those with doctorates in business administration (DBA) typically enjoy more job opportunities and higher earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the median annual salary of CEOs was over $140,000 during 2012. CEO positions carry a certain prestige in addition to this sizable salary, and as such are among the most sought-after positions in today's economy.

Online DBA programs are convenient options for students with full-time jobs and family responsibilities. The flexible scheduling of these online programs allow students to study at their convenience and fit classes in around their own busy schedule. Those enrolled in these programs will become acquainted with technology utilization strategies, managerial philosophies, and the risks associated with common business decisions. Although obtaining a PhD in business administration does not guarantee a large income or job, it can make the difference between receiving a promotion and being out-competed.

Successfully completing a DBA program is a great way to transition to a new career, or to take a current career to the next level.

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