Doctorate Degree in Human Services

Most people working in the field of human services work as assistants to managers and other supervisors. However, professionals seeking a supervisory position in this field can improve their job opportunities by completing a doctorate or PhD program in human services or a closely related specialization. Human services degree programs are available at campus locations nationwide and via online distance learning programs. Online programs are particularly popular among working professionals who are unable to quit their job to further their schooling, or who simply prefer the flexible scheduling and convenience of online education.

Human services doctorate and PhD students can choose a particular specialty or emphasis, such as administration, criminal justice, general studies, or social work. Coursework varies across specialties somewhat; for example, topics covered by students specializing in general studies include human services policy, application, administration, and procedure. Whatever the emphasis, human services graduate students will gain valuable skills and typically find plenty of job opportunities throughout the nation.

Earning a degree does not guarantee a certain job or salary, but graduates of human services PhD programs should have an edge over the competition since most organizations providing human services seek highly qualified candidates.

Explore Doctorate Degrees and PhD in Human Services

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