Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administrators are assigned administrative responsibilities in hospitals, healthcare clinics, doctors' offices, and various other healthcare facilities. They can work as human resource specialists, nurse administrators, and hospital administrators.

Healthcare administrators working in small clinics usually have multiple responsibilities, such as managing budgets, handling office accounts, and resolving patient concerns. Those working in large hospitals or clinics usually manage entire departments.

Individuals interested in obtaining management and research positions in the healthcare industry should earn a master's degree, such as an MBA in healthcare administration.

Certain degree programs that are available online combine distance learning with hands-on training, which can be acquired at local colleges or healthcare facilities. Healthcare administration graduate students are usually required to conduct research. Administrators working in nursing care centers must possess a bachelor's degree and successfully complete a state licensing exam.

Explore nursing, medical, biomedical, and health informatics professional certification and degree programs that are available online or at local campus locations.

Healthcare Management and Administration Degrees

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