Physical Therapy Degree

Physical therapists and physical therapist assistants develop exercise and recovery regimens for people recovering from injuries and illnesses or coping with physical disabilities. They must have extensive scientific and medical knowledge, work well with individuals struggling with health problems, and have effective communication skills.

The type of education an aspiring physical therapist should obtain is dependent upon their desired career path. Physical therapy assistant positions can be obtained with only an associate's degree. Individuals who score high enough on the National Physical Therapy Examination and hold a bachelor's degree can practice professionally. However, most hospitals and medical clinics prefer to hire physical therapists holding master's degrees. Most students studying to be physical therapists complete internships before graduating. During the course of any physical therapy degree program, students will be required to complete courses in human development, anatomy, neuro-anatomy, and biomechanics.

Explore degree programs at all levels in rehabilitation science, physiotherapy, and physical therapy offered by accredited schools that are available online.

Physical Therapy Assisting Degree Programs

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