Health Education Degree

Health educators provide instruction about healthy behaviors, exercises, and nutrition to school students and community members. They frequently organize health seminars and public health programs, which are designed to educate people about heart disease, HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol abuse, the importance of good nutrition and exercise, and the health hazards of smoking.

Health education degree programs are available at all levels, and many schools are now offering these programs online. Students enrolled in an associate's degree program will receive a very basic education in concepts related to human health and nutrition, while students earning bachelor's degrees delve more deeply into subjects such as health technology, strategies for organizing education programs, and health education theory.

Master's degree programs are available in health education and health promotion management. Those interested in working in a management or education position with a hospital, nonprofit organization, or healthcare organization should consider the benefits of completing one of these programs. Those interested in university level teaching or research positions need to earn a doctorate degree.

Explore degree programs in disease prevention, health risk management, health education, and health promotion offered by accredited schools that are available online or on campus.

Health Education Degree Programs

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