Health Information Technology Degree

Information technology (IT) specialists working in the healthcare industry are responsible for developing computer networks and databases where medical records are stored and managed. They also ensure healthcare facilities have the necessary IT infrastructure to successfully run their operations.

Those interested in working as health information technology specialists must have a thorough understanding of database administration, network security, and other IT skills. These skills can be developed in a degree program in health information technology, many of which can be completed online. This option is especially appealing to working professionals interested in obtaining a promotion or making a career transition. Many health information technology entry-level jobs can be obtained with a bachelor's degree, but those with master's degrees enjoy better job opportunities and larger salaries. Those interested in university level teaching and research jobs should complete a doctorate degree program.

Explore nursing, medical, biomedical, and health informatics professional certification and degree programs that are available online or local campus locations.

Health Information Technology Degrees

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