Massage Therapy

Massage therapists utilize various massage techniques to help people struggling with stress and health problems. Often, people struggling with stress and health problems feel instant relief after receiving a massage. Since the majority of massage therapists run their own businesses, this is a great profession for people seeking a flexible work schedule.

Massage therapists must have extensive knowledge of biology, physiology, and anatomy. For this reason, most states only permit certified massage therapists to practice professionally. To prepare for state certification tests, most aspiring massage therapists complete message therapy training programs offered by vocational schools. These programs usually take two years to successfully complete. Students enrolled in these programs will be required to complete courses in stress reduction, nutrition, physiology, and anatomy. Additionally, some programs incorporate Eastern philosophy and spirituality into their course program requirements.

Explore massage therapy training programs that can be completed online and at campus locations nationwide.

Massage Therapy Degrees and Training Programs

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