Laboratory Technician

Laboratory technologists and technicians are responsible for performing laboratory tests and conducting research, in order to learn more about diseases, their symptoms, and their treatments. Occasionally, these specialists collaborate with doctors to help them make proper diagnoses.

Many laboratory science degree programs that are offered online combine distance learning with hands-on experience in laboratories. To begin a career as a laboratory technologist, you must first complete a bachelor's degree program. If you would prefer to work as a laboratory technician, you must complete a professional certification or associate's degree program. Students studying to be either a technician or technologist are typically required to complete courses in chemistry, microbiology, math, and urinalysis.

Technicians desiring to enhance their opportunities or earning potential can earn a bachelor's degree. Technologists interested in management opportunities should consider earning a master's degree. Certain states mandate that laboratory science specialists complete licensing requirements prior to practicing professionally.

Explore online and campus-based certification and degree programs in the laboratory sciences offered by accredited schools and colleges.

Laboratory Technician and Technology Degree Programs

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