Medical Technology Degree

Medical technology has saved the lives of many people, and has made it possible to diagnose and treat most diseases and illnesses. The following are just a few of the many different types of medical technology specialists:
  • Radiologic technicians - These professionals are trained to safely operate x-ray machines and properly prepare patients for an x-ray.
  • Ultrasound technicians - These specialists operate ultrasound machines. Ultrasound technology makes it possible to view internal organs, tissues, and fetuses within the womb.
  • Clinical laboratory technologists - These specialists are responsible for conducting laboratory tests.
The training required to work as a medical technology expert varies, depending on the type of technology one specializes in. Most medical technology specialists complete certification or associate's or bachelor's degree programs. For example, an associate's degree in radiologic technology is required to work as a radiologic technician. Many accredited schools offer medical technology certification and degree programs online. Certain medical technology specialists must satisfy state certification requirements before they're permitted to practice professionally.

Explore various medical technology certification and degree programs that are available online or at a campus location.

Medical Laboratory Degrees and Programs

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