Pharmacy Degree

The following are job descriptions and educational requirements for pharmacy-related professions:

  • Pharmacy aides - perform routine administrative duties, which include filling out paperwork, manning the front desk, and answering the telephones. Most pharmacies will hire individuals with high schools diplomas.
  • Pharmacy technicians - have similar duties as pharmacy aides, but are also responsible for preparing prescriptions under the supervision of a pharmacist. Most pharmacies prefer to hire individuals who have completed a pharmacy technician certificate program. In fact, many states only permit pharmacies to hire pharmacy technicians who have completed these programs.
  • Pharmacists - prepare medications, fill prescriptions, and discuss with patients how much medication they should take and how it will affect them. Aspiring pharmacists are required to earn a graduate degree known as the Pharm.D. Additionally, all potential pharmacists must pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam, and every state has varying pharmacist licensing requirements.

Explore doctor of pharmacy degree programs and pharmacy technician certificate programs that are available online.

Pharmacy and Pharmacist Degrees and Certificates

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