Respiratory Therapy Degree

Respiratory therapists conduct tests and provide therapy for people struggling with lung and breathing problems. They assist individuals suffering from pneumonia, smoking-related health problems, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and heart problems. While providing therapy, respiratory therapists ensure that their patients are receiving adequate amounts of oxygen, so their health does not continue to deteriorate. Respiratory therapists are not medical doctors, but they do work under the supervision of medical doctors.

Many entry-level respiratory therapy positions can be acquired with an associate's degree, but those wishing to enhance their job opportunities and earning potential should earn a bachelor's or graduate degree. Students enrolled in respiratory therapy degree programs will be required to complete courses in pharmacology, microbiology, physics, chemistry, physiology, anatomy, and other science-related courses. Many accredited vocational schools and 4-year colleges offer respiratory therapy degree programs that can be completed online.

Explore respiratory therapy and respiratory therapy assisting certificate and degree programs administered by accredited schools. These programs are available online or at campus locations nationwide.

Respiratory Therapy Degree Programs

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