Communication Disorders Degrees

About 16 percent of Americans struggle with a communication disorder. Health care professionals who specialize in communication disorders seek to learn more about these afflictions--which include aphasia, speech articulation disorders, and stuttering--and develop remedies to assist those struggling with them.

These are just a few degree programs that will prepare you for careers in this field:

  • Doctor of Audiology (Au.D)
  • Master of Arts in Communication Disorders
  • Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Therapy

Most communication disorder bachelor's degree programs provide students with a broad education. Students interested in conducting research should enroll in a Master's of Science program, while students desiring to learn more about concepts and theories related to communication disorders should enroll in a Master's of Art program. Those aspiring to work as speech-language pathologists must earn a master's degree. Individuals pursuing careers as audiologists should earn a doctorate degree.

Explore speech language pathology, communication disorders, and audiology degree programs offered by accredited schools and universities.

Audiology and Communication Disorder Programs

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