Master of Public Administration

People interested in an organizational management career should consider earning a master's degree in public administration. Earning a Master of Public Administration (MPA)is a great degree for those seeking management and supervisory positions in public administration, location and regional government, and business.

Many people who earn public administration master's degrees also find jobs in human resources. MPA students are required to take classes in theory, public program analysis, policy formulation, policy design and development, policy implementation, and group procedures.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the number of public administration jobs will steadily increase over the next decade. Job opportunities will be found with both public and private companies. People who aquire public administration jobs can expect a compettive salary and numerous benefits, including time off, sick pay and health insurance. However, competition for public administration positions can be intense and only the most qualified candidates will fill the top positions. Although earning a degree will not guarantee a job or certain income, companies hiring public administrators usually hire people with master's degrees.

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