Master Degree in International Management

People who speak multiple languages and enjoy traveling are great candidates for a master degree in international management. Those who earn this degree online can complete it at their convenience, which is especially helpful for individuals with full-time jobs and working professionals who travel frequently.

Students enrolled in this master's program are trained to be effective consultants or managers with various firms internationally. Many firms selling products or services internationally seek advice from graduates of international management master's programs. International management professionals also work with companies merging with or purchasing companies located in foreign countries, so managers who are well-traveled, who speak foreign languages and have a graduate degree in international business or management are highly sought after.

Managers employed by consulting firms usually earn large salaries. The annual median income for these professionals is more than $75,000. Job growth in this industry is increasing quicker than average growth for all other industries and given the globalization of local economies, managers with internation management expertise will always be in high demand.

Explore Master Degrees in International Business and Management

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