Master Degree in eCommerce & eBusiness

These days, most companies utilize e-commerce to market and sell their products and services, and most financial transactions are being conducted online. E-commerce has also created new international markets, making it possible for companies to sell their products and services to consumers and businesses throughout the world. Because of the emerging importance of e-commerce, consulting, marketing, and finance companies worldwide are constantly recruiting managers with expertise in e-marketing, network security, network management, and any other specialty related to e-commerce.

Earning Your Master's Degree in E-Commerce

E-commerce master degree programs can prepare students for various careers in this emerging field. Students can develop expertise in e-marketing, network administration, database management, network security, and web development, among many other fields of specialization and disciplines.

Many individuals with undergraduate technology or business-related bachelor's degrees enroll in e-commerce master's programs. Many pursue this educational route to combine their business or technology expertise with e-commerce and improve their career opportunities, qualify for promotions or obtain higher paying jobs. Most students enrolled in e-commerce programs are required to complete courses in information technology, business management, finance, marketing, network security, and computer hardware and software.

Job Outlook and Wages for E-Commerce and E-Business Professionals

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth for marketing specialists will increase by more than 20 percent through 2019. The BLS also projects that job growth for computer systems analyst professionals will rise by 20 percent by 2019.

Annual salaries are usually influenced by prior work experience, level of education attained, and specialty. During 2012, the median salary for a marketing manager was over $108,000 per year, and the median salary for a systems operation manager was over $70,000 per year.

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