Master Degree in Engineering

Corporations, agencies, governments and municipalities rely on engineers for their technical knowledge and skills. Engineers who are not up to date with the latest technology may not receive promotions and may even risk losing their jobs during company cutbacks. Pursuing a master degree in engineering is a great way to enjoy the best job opportunities. Individuals who complete an online or campus-based master degree program in civil, computer, software, electrical, or other engineering field, position themselves to obtain jobs as research specialists or college instructors, which are unattainable with only a bachelor's degree. They also qualify themselves for new job opportunities and career advancement.

Master's level engineering programs provide students with instruction in new engineering technology, techniques, knowledge and skills within their discipline, as well as instruction business and engineering management. Professionals enrolled in online programs can complete a master degree at their convenience while keeping their full time jobs. Instruction is provided via online projects, discussions, and lectures.

Completing the program will not guarantee a job or specific income, but during 2012, electrical engineers who successfully completed master's programs received a yearly median income over $65,000 a year. This salary is $10,000 more than the average income of engineers with only bachelor's degrees.

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