Master Degree in Public Health

Over the last one hundred years, life expectancy for Americans has increased substantially. The Center for Disease Control reports that this increased life expectancy directly correlates with improvements in medical technology, public health and public health systems. Those who complete a master degree in public health can contribute to this important field of study and discipline.

Individuals who want to help improve the health of others, community health and the overall health of populations should consider enrolling in a campus-based or online master degree program in public health. Online programs provide students the opportunity to maintain a fulltime jobs while completing their master's degree when they can find the time. There are several accredited colleges and university that now offer online programs in public health.

People interested in careers social work should also consider enrolling in a public health master's program with an emphasis in mental health. The master degree in public health focuses on both psychological and physical health issues. Program curriculum typically includes courses in research methodology, environmental health topics, epidemiology, and biostatistics.

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