Master Degree in Environmental Science

Environmental science careers are ideal for people interested in protecting the environment and spending time outdoors. An environmental science career usually begins after enrolling in an environmental science master's program. Various specialties exist, including geographic information science, forestry, wildlife management, and fire science. Obtaining a job in an environmental science related field is a great way to earn a good living while enjoying nature.

Choose Your Path in Environmental Science

An environmental science graduate degree with an emphasis in fire science can yield many career opportunities. Those interesting in obtaining a supervisory firefighter position must develop management, public relations, effective communication, and advanced fire-fighting skills.

Those interested in geography and the technology used to create maps should consider enrolling in a geographic information science master's program. Graduates of these programs can find jobs working with GPS, remote sensing, and mapping technology.

Jobs working in the national parks, protected environmentally sensitive areas, and popular recreation sites are available for graduates of forestry and wildlife master's programs. Working in remote national parks or other wilderness areas can be physically demanding and dangerous, but those obtaining supervisory positions, which are often landed by individuals with master's degrees, have less dangerous management duties. No matter the position, people working in national parks and other pristine environments get the opportunity to enjoy nature while at work.

Job Growth for Environmental Scientists

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported that job growth in environmental science related careers should increase by almost 30 percent until 2018. This rate is higher than projected growth in other professions. Many job opportunities will exist for professionals with master's degrees in fire science, but they will face intense competition for open positions. Job growth in conservation and forestry related jobs will increase by nearly 9 percent until 2018.

Explore Master Degrees in Environmental Science and Resource Management

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