Master Degree in Social Work

Social workers assist people who are struggling with physical, mental, emotional, and financial problems. They work directly with clients, and have the opportunity to make meaningful, positive impacts in the lives of many people. Individuals interested in pursuing this rewarding and challenging career should consider enrolling in an online or campus based master's degree program in social work.

Enrolling in an online program offers flexibility and convenience, allowing students to study whenever their schedules permit, and from the comfort of their own homes. Students will be required to complete courses in community development and organizing, case management, and sociology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that organizations hiring social workers seek candidates with master's degrees in social work.

Job prospects for social workers are projected to grow at a quicker rate than the average for all occupations throughout the next ten years. Social workers' annual median incomes for school, family, substance abuse, and mental health specialisties is roughly $35,000. Public health or medical specialists with a degree in social work make about $45,000 annually.

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