Master Degree in Business Management and Administration

Commerce has existed since the beginning of civilization. It enables people to enjoy services and goods from all over the world without an absurd amount of travel and labor. Business transactions are the backbone of any nation's economy, so it is not hard to understand why many people pursue advanced degrees in business.

Obtaining a business-related graduate degree can lead to fulfilling and well-paying jobs with large or small businesses and government agencies. Those with graduate degrees in business can obtain jobs as marketing executives, sales representatives, managers, and consultants. Many business graduates (about 30%) establish small businesses, and of those graduates, many achieve their dreams of developing new technologies, medicines, or products, or improving existing services.

Students enrolled in business school are advised to choose an area to specialize, in areas such as information systems, marketing, criminal justice, healthcare or human resources, to name only a few. Consultants in a specialized field, hired in entry-level positions, average $65,066 annually. As competition for business-related jobs intensifies, those with specialized knowledge will improve their employment opportunities.

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