Master Degree in Diplomacy

Professionals in the field of diplomacy and political science often need to pursue higher education to become eligible for promotions and other opportunities. Attending school at a traditional brick-and-mortar campus is not always an option for individuals with full-time jobs. Online and distance learning master degree programs solve this problem by offering flexible scheduling, which means students can study whenever their busy schedules allow, and from the convenience of their own home.

Students enrolled in online or campus-based master degree programs in diplomacy and related disciplines will complete classes in modern politics, law, diplomacy, international business, and economics. The constantly-evolving nature of international affairs creates complicated problems. People who can develop strategies for solving these problems will be highly sought after by private companies and government agencies.

Students enrolled in diplomacy graduate degree programs may take courses relating to the following subjects:

  • The politics of separate ethnic and cultural groups living together in similar areas
  • Global sustainable development
  • International economics
  • Negotiations
  • Research strategies for policy review
  • Extensive research

Students may also be required to complete courses in human interaction, international law, and financial accounting. Those who earn advanced degrees can find jobs in human resources, labor relations, politics, private industry, and the legal industry. Many people become employed with the U.S Foreign Service.

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