Master Degree in Manufacturing & Industrial Technology

Historically there have not been graduate level educational programs specifically designed for managers working for manufacturing companies. Now, several such master's degree programs exist, and individuals who successfully complete them will be at a significant advantage while seeking employment. Online degree and campus-based masters degree programs in manufacturing and industrial technology are now designed to be extremely convenient for working professionals and aspiring managers because who want to earn a master's degree but must also manage a busy career.

Managers working for manufacturing companies are responsible for ensuring that products are assembled safely and efficiently. These professionals supervise employees, select manufacturing equipment, and set up quality control programs. It is also important for them to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. The masters degree in manufacturing and industrial technology is designed to provide managers the knowledge, skill and expertise to operate manufacturing processes and facilities efficiently, profitably and safely.

Students enrolled in manufacturing master's programs will likely take courses in management, business, industrial engineering and industrial technology. They will also learn how to increase production rates while maintaining high standards of quality.

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