Master Degree in Criminal Justice

There are a wide variety of career opportunities for graduates of criminal justice degree programs. People with criminal justice degrees can find jobs with government, legal firms, research companies, law enforcement and correctional facilities. Many people pursue criminal justice careers because of the field's sense of personal responsibility and challenge, and the numerous available work environments.

Although it is possible to find an entry level job with only a bachelor's degree, those desiring to become employed with specialized organizations can improve their career opportunities by earning a master degree in criminal justice or a related field. Those seeking jobs with government law enforcement agencies, such as the Border Patrol, Secret Service, CIA, and FBI, would also benefit from completing a master's program.

Public safety is a constant concern which presents ever-evolving challenges, and as such, job growth for people with criminal justice degrees is projected to increase steadily throughout the foreseeable future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 842,000 people with criminal justice degrees employed in the United States. Most of these professionals worked for police agencies and other law enformce organizations.

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of accredited colleges and universities offering online and campus-based master degree programs in criminal justice, criminology and related law enforcement disciplines.

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