Master Degree in Journalism

It can be quite difficult to find a writing job that pays enough to provide a comfortable living, which is why many people interested in writing careers hesitate to pursue them. However, completing an online or campus-based master's degree program in either communications or journalism can significantly increase one's job opportunities and career prospects. Journalists and communication experts write articles for local and national magazines and newspapers, or work for public relations firms.

Completing an online program lets students complete their education at their convenience, whenever their busy schedules allow. It also provides student the opportunity to develop a strong professional network, which makes it much easier to find a job after graduating. Obtaining a communications or journalism master's degree is a smart choice for people interested in writing careers. Common courses include public relations, desktop publishing, research analysis, and journalism theory, to name only a few.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that many opportunities will exist for people interested in public relations and journalism careers in the near future. People graduating from master's programs in communications and journalism can expect to earn between $35,000-$45,000 annually, just starting out. A degree will not guarantee a job or certain level of income, but it will improve opportunities for people interested in working as journalists.

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