Bachelor Degree in Information Systems

Organizations must keep track of a large amount of information, such as financial statistics, customer orders, timetables, and marketing data, to name only a few. Most organizations use complex computer systems to track and organize this information. Consequently, computer information systems (IS) specialists are vital to most organization's operations. Developing and maintaining systems that store and analyze data is an important role in any organization.

IS specialists are in high demand since they serve such a vital role. The BLS projects that job growth in this and related fields should substantially increase throughout the foreseeable future, and salaries for these professionals are typically quite high (averaging more than $60,000 a year). This industry is estimated to grow quicker than average, when compared to job growth in other industries.

A degree does not guarantee a job or a certain income, but most companies hiring IS and related specialists will only hire individuals who have completed college or certification programs. Students enrolled in IS programs usually complete classes in networking, programming, systems design, and troubleshooting.

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