Bachelor Degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities

While job training programs usually focus on specific skills, bachelor's degree programs involve a wider variety of classes designed to improve critical thinking and analytical skills. After completing a bachelor's program, graduates will be prepared for careers in a range of different industries, including healthcare, law, and business.

Students enrolled in online humanities bachelor's programs can choose a major from a list of options, including art history, music, foreign languages, history, and English. Examples of liberal arts majors include political science, sociology, anthropology, and cultural studies. Students enrolled in these programs take a variety of general education courses before taking classes related to their specific major.

People who successfully complete an online liberal arts or humanities bachelor's program will develop many marketable jobs skills. They often go on to careers in business, marketing, or teaching, to name only a few. People frequently decide to attend graduate school once they earn a liberal arts or humanities bachelor's degree.

Annual incomes for people with humanities or liberal arts bachelor's degrees vary depending on where they work. There are no guarantees, but according to information collected from the US Census, people with bachelor's degrees typically earn 83% or more than people with high school diplomas.

Explore Bachelor Degrees in the Liberal Arts and Humanities

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