Bachelor Degree in Business Management

According to the American Management Association (AMA), most corporate fraud results from organizations setting unrealistic goals and deadlines. Effective supervisors and managers must be able to utilize their limited resources to ensure their organizations are making money and not violating the law.

Enrolling in an online business management program is a great way to develop strong management skills. Students enrolled in these programs take classes in business ethics, management, economics, and organizational behavior.

The BLS projects that the number of jobs for business managers should increase by 17% over the next several years. Business managers are not only responsible for people; they also oversee buildings, equipment, and organizational capital.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), people who possess business management bachelor's degrees earn an average of over $60,000 annually. People who complete graduate school typically earn more. When hiring managers, most companies seek candidates who have completed bachelor's or graduate programs.

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