Bachelor Degree in Healthcare and Health Sciences

Many people are interested in working in healthcare, but don't want to narrow down their future career options by pursuing a highly specialized healthcare education. These people should consider enrolling in an online health sciences bachelor's program. During this program, students will learn about a variety of healthcare-related job opportunities. Students with medical work experience are often able to receive college credit for their experience.

During this program, students will complete liberal arts, physical, biological, and behavioral sciences, and healthcare related courses. Students can choose to specialize in administration, clinical research, respiratory therapy, health education, and radiology.

The number of jobs in the field of health sciences is predicted to increase by over 27% in the near future. Graduates of online health sciences programs can be found working for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and insurance companies. People who pursue health sciences graduate degrees often begin careers as counselors, health administration professionals, physical therapists, and public health specialists. Annual incomes vary depending on healthcare specialty.

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