Bachelor Degree in Advertising

Advertising surrounds us almost constantly. Whether we're driving down the highway, watching television, or surfing the web, advertisements are a regular part of our daily lives. Unsurprisingly, then, advertising is an industry that is continually growing. The BLS reports that advertising sales agents usually make $50,000 or more annually. A college degree does not guarantee a job or a specific salary; however, advertising companies usually seek candidates who have completed a college program. Those interested in working in the advertising industry should consider enrolling in an online advertising bachelor's program.

Students enrolled in online advertising bachelor's programs are usually required to complete classes in publishing technologies and marketing, as well as classes relating to consumer attitudes and behavior. Students will also take classes to improve their written and verbal communication skills.

Students enrolled in advertising bachelor's programs should take classes in areas they intend to specialize in. Advertising professionals typically specialize in either the business or creative aspects of the industry. Whatever the specialization, obtaining a bachelor's degree is perhaps the best way to begin a career in advertising.

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