Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising

Those who love design and dream of working in a trendy metropolitan area should consider a career in the fashion industry. A career in fashion design requires more than free-spirited creativity, however; it also requires formal education. Fashion design companies seek employees who understand fabrics, design, and industry trends. Completing a bachelor's degree program in fashion merchandising or design is a great way to get started in the fashion industry.

Students enrolled in these programs will learn about the fashion industry and fundamental business concepts. These students complete courses in tailoring, business technology, marketing, retail management, and color. Fashion designers have the option of specializing in specific clothing lines or products.

The BLS reports that fashion designers who develop inexpensive clothes marketed towards the middle class will enjoy the most career opportunities. In 2012, designers with median annual salaries earned over $55,000, while the top 10 percent of designers made over $100,000.

Explore Bachelor Degrees in Fashion Design and Merchandising

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