Bachelor Degree in eBusiness and eCommerce

The rising popularity of online businesses has significantly altered modern commerce. Now, most companies are using the Internet to market and sell their products. Companies are not only increasing their profits by using the Internet, they are also cutting operating expenses.

Individuals interested in working in e-commerce can increase their career opportunities by completing an online e-commerce bachelor's program. Students enrolled in these programs complete a range of business and information technology courses.

A recent study found that 70% of people, when shopping for a new car, conduct their research on the Internet, and that more than 60% of vacationers book hotels and airfare online. When marketing their products and services online, companies must be cautious not to scare consumers away by inundating them with large quantities of information. E-commerce professionals must know the appropriate amount of information to place on a website and the best way to present it. This specialized understanding is highly valuable to most companies these days, and can be developed in an online e-commerce program.

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