Bachelor Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management

The Travel Industry of America has reported that, throughout the United States, tourist-related companies generate more than 1 trillion dollars of business each year. As a result, there are many job opportunities for people who complete online tourism and hospitality bachelor's programs.

People employed in the tourism industry work to satisfy the needs and wishes of vacationers. For example, they may be responsible for making travel, lodging, or dinner arrangements for tourists.

Although job candidates usually only need a high school degree, those who complete college tourism and hospitality programs enjoy more job opportunities and higher earning potential. Graduates can find jobs with hotels, restaurants, resorts, travel agencies, or cruise ships.

The BLS reports that during 2012, nearly 103,000 people worked in the tourism and hospitality industry. Nearly 20 percent of these professionals ran their own businesses. Median annual incomes for workers in this industry averaged between $21,600-35,070. There is a variety of career options for graduates of tourism and hospitality programs.

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