Bachelor Degree in Retail Management

Many retail professionals want to be promoted to a position with more responsibilities and higher pay, but feel stuck in their current job. Earning an online bachelor's degree in retail management can be the perfect solution to this problem. Retail workers who complete these bachelor's programs, online or at a campus location, can position themselves for lucrative promotions and other advancement opportunities. Retail management professionals (frequently referred to as purchasing managers) have numerous responsibilities, including setting organizational goals and making key business decisions.

Those with previous retail experience are ideal candidates for retail management degree programs. Retail professionals enrolled in these programs will build upon their knowledge and experience, and will learn more about product pricing, purchasing inventory, and other important retail related concepts.

Online degree programs are excellent options for working professionals. These programs offer flexible scheduling, allowing students to keep their current jobs while furthering their education. In this way, students can acquire applicable work experience and earn a degree simultaneously.

Retail stores are a mainstay of American culture, and as a result, there are abundant opportunities for graduates of retail management programs. The BLS reports that median yearly incomes for retail managers were over $75,000 during 2012.

Explore Bachelor Degrees in Retail Management

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