Bachelor Degree in Technology Management

Nowadays, practically all businesses use complex technology in their daily operations. As a result, businesses rely heavily on technology management specialists to ensure this technology is functioning smoothly and efficiently. Technology managers supervise the development and implementation of technology within an organization. Technology managers are also responsible for managing and supervising other technology specialists within an organization, including technicians, network specialists, and programmers.

Students enrolled in online technology management bachelor's programs will learn the skills and knowledge necessary to supervise and manage an organization's use of technology. They will also be prepared to resolve technology-related problems.

The number of technology-related companies is increasing, and consequently there are abundant opportunities for graduates of technology management programs. According to the BLS, there were nearly 280,000 technology managers employed throughout the United States during 2012, and growth is projected to increase quicker than average throughout the foreseeable future.

A degree does not guarantee a job or a particular income, but graduates of technology management programs typically have plenty of career options to choose from.

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