Bachelor Degree in Social Science

Students who are seeking a very broad, general education should consider enrolling in an online or campus-based social science bachelor's program. Students completing social science degrees typically take courses in behavioral science, sociology, and international culture, among a variety of other subjects.

An online social science degree affords students a great deal of scheduling flexibility. This is very convenient for students with full-time jobs or family responsibilities, and for students who prefer to work independently and at their own pace. Those who are interested in pursuing a career as a historian, political scientist, sociologist, or anthropologist should consider a social science degree.

According to the BLS, nearly 18,000 social scientists were employed in the United States during 2012. These specialists primarily worked as counselors, researchers, or administrators. During the same year, median yearly incomes for these professionals were between $43,890-86,750.

Earning a degree does not guarantee a job or a specific income, but it certainly can open the door to many exciting new career opportunities.

Explore Bachelor Degrees in Social Science

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