Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts

There are many ways to communicate: writing, one-on-one conversation, graphics and images, etc. Organizations rely on good communicators to relay vital information to customers, investors, and employees. They also need communications professionals to market their businesses. Talented writing, verbal, and graphic communication specialists should consider enrolling in an online communication arts program to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Students enrolled in these programs complete classes in visual, written, mass, and intercultural communication. Students usually have an option of film, Internet, and visual communications classes to select from. Once they graduate, these individuals are usually employed by magazines, TV studios, and newspaper publishers.

Technical writers are another example of communication professionals. These specialists develop written web content and technical manuals. Median salaries for technical writers beginning their careers are near $42,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Organizations also rely on communications professionals to develop written content for advertising brochures, newsletters, and other organizational reports. Other communications specialists earn median yearly salaries near $46,000 annually. Since there are many people applying for these jobs, employees hired in entry-level positions usually make less money, until they acquire some experience. Most organizations hiring communications specialists will only consider candidates who have completed a bachelor's program.

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