Bachelor Degree in Video Game Software Development and Programming

During 2012, the video game industry garnered more than 9 billion dollars in sales throughout the United States. There is a huge market for video games, and developers are constantly creating new technologies, systems, and software to make more immersive experiences for their customers. Those who enjoy video games and technology, and who want to be a part of this dynamic field, should consider enrolling in an online or campus-based game software development bachelor's program. Students in this program will learn about animation, design, and video game software.

A variety of career options exist for people enrolled in software development bachelor's programs. Video game development is highly collaborative work, and requires many different professionals to coordinate the creative direction of the game and its technical execution.

The BLS reports that video game software developers with median incomes make between $62,000-73,000 annually. Since people working in this industry must possess specialized knowledge, most video game development companies will pay employees with bachelor's degrees higher salaries.

Explore Bachelor Degrees in Video Game Software Development and Programming

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