Bachelor Degree in Information Systems Security

Since so much sensitive information is transmitted over the Internet and computer networks, organizations invest a great deal of effort towards securing their networks. As a result, there is high demand for IT security specialists. Those who enjoy working with computers should consider enrolling in an online IT security bachelor's program.

An online program is an excellent option for individuals interested in an IT security bachelor's degree. Online programs allow students the flexibility to study whenever their schedules allow. In these programs, students take programming language, database management, and other computer science classes.

Network security is a major concern for most organizations today, and this concern is resulting in high demand for IT security professionals. The number of jobs in the IT security industry is expected to grow significantly throughout the foreseeable future. The BLS reports that median annual incomes for IT security professionals were over $44,000 during 2012. Although there are no guarantees, graduates of IT security programs should have no trouble finding jobs.

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