Bachelor Degree in Education

Education is one of the largest industries in America. In order to begin an education-related career, individuals are usually required to complete a bachelor's program. Education careers are difficult but satisfying. Educators working with students must be patient and detail-oriented, and must enjoy learning new things.

Areas of Work in Education
Educational specialists work as teachers, school counselors, university professors, and curriculum specialists. Some teachers work with adults in continuing or community education programs.

Although most teachers do not work during summer, some teach summer education programs. Other educational professionals work in libraries, administration, and in other positions within schools. These workers usually work year round.

Even though many state and municipal governments are struggling with budget cuts, there will be plenty of opportunities for education jobs in the future. Job growth in education is projected to increase by more than 17% in the next ten years. Education is a great career choice for people who love to learn and work with others.

There are several bachelor degree options for those who desire a career in education. These include Education and Teaching, Early Childhood Education, Education Administration, Child Care Services and Management, Early Childhood Education Administration, Higher Education Administration, Education Leadership, Education Technology, Instructional Design, Teacher Assisting and Teaching, to name just a few.

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