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Online Plumbing Degree Programs

Plumbers install and repair gas heaters, toilets, sinks, oil pipelines, drain and water pipes, and other piping systems. Plumbers typically receive larger annual salaries than their colleagues in other professional trades.

Many technical, community, and four-year colleges now offer online plumbing certificate and degree programs. These schools typically combine classroom instruction with apprenticeships, making it possible for plumbing students to acquire practical experience while earning their degree. Students enrolled in these programs will learn how to abide by plumbing regulations and codes, stay safe on the job, read blueprints, and safely install plumbing systems.

Most apprenticeship programs take 4-5 years to complete, but students are paid during apprenticeships. Contractor and plumbers unions usually cooperate with schools administering online plumbing degree and certificate programs. Before a plumber can practice professionally, he or she must complete a state licensing examination.

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Colleges and universities providing degree programs in Plumbing: