Construction Degree

There are a variety of careers opportunities in the construction industry, including engineering, specialized trades (plumbing, electrical wiring, etc.), and laborer positions. Laborer positions usually do not require an extensive educational background, but engineering, specialized trade, and management positions require college training.

Professional certification, associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree programs are available in construction related fields. In addition to formal training, many employers within the construction industry highly value employees with applicable work experience. Those with experience are usually familiar with safety regulations and industry standards. Many schools offer apprenticeship programs, so students can obtain hands-on experience while receiving the necessary formal training.

Since many people obtaining college education in construction related fields are already working in the industry, online degree programs provide flexibility and make it possible to work and complete school simultaneously.

Explore degree and certification programs in construction administered by accredited colleges and universities.

Construction Degrees and Programs

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