Early Childhood Education Degrees

The early developmental phase of a child's life is a period where immense skill building, social growth, and learning occurs. It's critical that children receive proper instruction during their first few years of life, so they'll be able to solve problems and learn more complex concepts during later schooling. For this reason, parents and communities place major emphasis on educational programs designed for young children.

The following are the different types of degree and certification programs offered in early childhood education:

  • Early childhood education certificate - offers basic training in child development. Individuals obtaining certificates can qualify for entry-level jobs in day cares and preschools.
  • Associate's degree in early childhood education - Those interested in enhancing entry-level job opportunities at day care facilities and preschools should obtain an associate's degree.
  • Bachelor's degree in early childhood education - To teach in a public school, you'll have to obtain a bachelor's degree. Students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs will be required to complete courses in literacy education, instructional methods, and classroom management.
  • Master's degree in early childhood education - If you want to work as an administrator, program director, or curriculum developer, you'll be required to earn at least a master's degree. Many schools offer specialized degree programs, including educational leadership, educational technology, and curriculum development.
  • Doctorate degree program in early childhood education - If you want to work as a university professor, researcher, or administrator, earn a doctorate degree. Doctorate students are required to comlete study in curriculum design, research methodology, child psychology, and policy design and implementation.

Below you can explore career-oriented early childhood education certification and degree programs offered by accredited schools, colleges and universities.

Early Childhood Education Degrees and Programs

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