Child Development Degrees

If you enjoy working with kids, a career in child development can be very rewarding. Children rely on teachers and caretakers while they're young to develop skills that will enable them to live fulfilling lives. Majoring in child development will prepare students to assist children with their cognitive and emotional development. Many people working in child development lobby legislative bodies to pass laws intended to benefit children and develop improved teaching strategies. Child development specialists work with children struggling with learning and physical disabilities.

Schools and organizations that hire child development specialists usually prefer to fill entry-level positions with applicants holding bachelor's and master's degrees. Those wanting to work in counseling, supervisory, and administrative positions should acquire a graduate degree. Those aspiring to work in positions requiring a professional certification are required to obtain at least a master's degree, while those interested in teaching and research need to earn a doctorate degree.

Many schools that offer graduate-level programs in child development also offer specializations in child development, in social work, adolescent, elementary, and preschool education, and special education, among others.

Below you can explore undergraduate and graduate level child development degrees amd programs offered by accredited online and campus-based colleges and universities.

Child Development Degrees and Programs

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