Top Criminal Justice Schools for 2017

The first step to launching a successful career in the fields of law enforcement, criminology, corrections, legal studies or homeland security is to earn a reputable degree from a reputable criminal justice school. While the quality of your education is important, so is value. Breaking the bank to attend an expensive criminal justice program not only isn't necessary, it's not advisable. The last thing you want is the burden of a large school debt upon graduation. Fortunately, there are myriad of schools through the nation that provide high quality criminal justice programs at a very affordable price.

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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
New York, NY
Students who attend the CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice will have the opporunity to participate in a multi-track criminal justice program that offers concentrations in Criminology; Crime Control and Prevention; Institutional Theory and Practice; or Criminal Justice Administration. $6,120
University of Arkansas–Fort Smith
Fork Smith, AK
If you're interested in a public service career in social work, law enforcement, law advocacy, or criminal investigations the University of Arkansas-Forth Smith is a great choice. Students enrolled in the university's criminal justice program will learn crimonology, law ethics, criminal processing, and investigative techniques, among other topics. $7,679
California State University–San Bernardino
San Bernardino, CA
California State University in San Bernardino offers student one of the best criminal justice programs in the nation at a very affordable price. In addition to a core liberal arts education, students will be introduced to several current and engaging criminal justice topics including Justice in the Media, Environmental Crime Prevenw, and Criminality Across the Life Course. $5,993
West Virginia University Institute of Technology
Montgomery, WV
Students who successfully complete a degree in criminal justice at Wester Virignia University Institute of Technology will be prepared for various career opportunities in law enforcement, homeland security and corrections. Program coursework covers various topics, such as criminal investigation, sociology, criminal justice, justice administration and psychology. $7,325
Indiana University East
Richmond, IN
The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) degree at Indiana University East is a four-year program that introduced students to various aspects of sociology, psychology, law, evidence college, crime in media, methods research and criminal procedure as they relate to current career opportunities in criminal justice and law enforcement. $7,975
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY
Earning a degree in criminal justice from Northern Kentucky University will prepare students for careers in various sectors of law enforcement, criminal justice and public service. Career opportunities for graduates range from criminal investigations with the FBI and Homeland Security to justice administration. $8,298
Monroe College
Bronx, NY
When it comes to criminal justice education and career advancement, there's no better place to earn a degree than Monroe College. The bachelor's degree in criminal justice at Monroe College will prepare students for fulfilling careers in corrections, justice administration, law enforcement and criminal investigations. $12,104
Nevada State College
Henderson, NV
The undergraduate degrees in criminal justice at Nevada State college employ a unique interdisciplinary approach to criminal justice education that combines the study of global perspectives on crime with an emphasis on the emerging field of social justice. Upon graduation students can pursue a variety of career opportunities in law enforcement, criminal justice and public service. $13,173
Tarleton State University
Stephenville, TX
The criminal justice degree at Tarleton State University is relevant, current and challenging. All courses are taught by experienced criminal justice professionals with years of service and experience in their respective fields of expertise. All student are required to complete a capstone project before graduation. $11,926
Calumet College of Saint Joseph
Whiting, IN
The Calumet College of Saint Joseph offers students a world-class education in criminal justice that approaches the study of criminal justice from both a practical and theoretical perspective. Some of the more interesting topics covered in the program includ crimial procedures to serial killer, criminal investigations, juvenile deliquency, and cults. $11,790
Rogers State University
Claremore, OK
Rogers State University offers a rigorous bachelor's degre in justice administration and criminal justice that covers such topics as criminal behavior, the U.S. court system, native american law, research methods and data analysis, among many others. Earn a degree in criminal justice from Rogers State University will prepare students for career opportunities in homeland security, corrections, law enforcement and criminal justice. $11,781
Emmanuel College
Boston, MA
The accredited bachelor's degree program in criminal justice at Emmanuel College will prepare students for rewarding careers in service and research as they relate to the law enforcement, criminal justice and the courts. Topics covered in the criminal justice program includ criminology, deviant behavior, psychology, sociology, criminal investigations and forensic chemistry. $32,294
University of Georgia
Athens, GA
The University of Georgia employs a comprehensive approach to teaching criminal justice that incorporate several relevant disciplines including sociology, political science, communications and psychology. Program coursework include a variety of engaging courses that address topics including victimology, criminology and criminal procedure, among many others. $13,287
Texas Southern University
Houston, TX
Texas Southern University offers a reputable administration of justice degree program that covers various current and engaging topics such as contemporary justice administration and management, comparative criminal justice and terrorism. The program employs both a practical and theoretical approach that helps students develop the knowledge and skills required to excel in various criminal justice careers. $12,307
Trine University
Angola, IN
Majoring in criminal justice at Trine University prepare students for meaningful, fulfilling and exciting career opportunities in criminal justice and law enforcement. In addition to a compelling and rigorous education in criminal forensics, psychology and criminal law, students will gain real world insight and practical knowlegde from professional faculty with real world law enforcement experience. $23,802
Mount Mary University
city, state
The justice degree at Mount Mary University is designed to provide students the skills, experience and knowledge they'll need to become leaders that effectuate positive change in their communities. Earn a degree in justice from Mount Mary University prepares students for careers in law, policing, social service and business. $10,000
Lander University
city, state
The criminal justice specializations provided through sociology department at Lander University can be completed in just 18 credit hours. It provides students with a solid foundation in the science of sociology with a practical understanding of the U.S. legal and judicial systems. Upon graduation students will be prepare for many relevant career paths. $10,000
Wilberforce University
city, state
Wilberforce University offers a top ranked degree program in criminal justice administration at an unbeatable price. Some of the more compelling areas of study in this degree program include Correctional Theory, Criminal Investigations, and Criminology. Students will acquire real-world insights, skill and knowledget that will prepare them for a successful career in law enforcement and criminal justice. $10,000
University of Mississippi
University, MS
The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BSCJ) at the University of Mississippi offers a unique and challenging education with concentrations in three areas: Law Enforcement, Corrections and Homeland Security. Courses range from Legal Ethics to Criminal Law to Crime Scene Investigation. The internship requirement ensure that all students receive the practical experience they need before graduation. $14,803
Trinity Washington University
Washington, D.C.
The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Criminal Justice at Trinity Washington University provides students a broad curriculum that approaches criminal justice education from a variety of practical and theoretical perspectives. This program offers rigorous coursework covering a myriad of career-relevant topics such as juvenile justice, corrections, criminal procedure, and criminology, among others. Trinity offers various internship opportunities with local and regional law enforcement agencies. $14,878
21 Voorhees College
Denmark, SC
Majoring criminal justice at Voorhees College prepares students for a compelling career in criminal justice by providing them a real-world education and understandingn of the laws, theories and technologies that underlie crime, corrections, law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Upon graduation students will prepared to pursue entry-level positions in law enforcement or pursue advanced studies int public administration, law, criminal justice or police work. $15,136
22 Claflin University
Orangeburg, SC
Clafin University not only offers a world-class criminal justice degree program, they offer a world-class criminal justice degree that can be completed entirely online. Whether you're interested in attending campus classes, or earning your degree remotely, as a student at Claflin you'll learn the ins and outs of the U.S. correctional system, criminal investigation and supervision leadership in preparation for a career in correction, criminal justice or law enforcement. $19,803
23 Mercy College
Dobbs Ferry, NY
Earning your Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice at Mercy College will not only provide you a credential you can bank on, it will provide you the knowledge, skills, connections and professional mentorship that will position you for long-term career success. The faculty at Mercy College is comprised of real-world professionals with real-world experience and include police detectives, social workers, lawyers and other criminal justice professionals. $14,990
24 SUNY at Fredonia
Fredonia, NY
SUNY at Fredonia offers students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. The BA in Criminal Justice offers a comprehensive criminal justice education–and it's one of the most affordable criminal justice programs of its caliber in the nation. The BA in Criminal Justice takes students on a journey through the criminal justice system exploring various current topics in criminal justice including social inequality, computer security and social psychology. $15,756
25 Culver Stockton College
Canton, MO
Earning your bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Culver Stockton College will open the door to a myriad of career opportunities in law enforcement, criminal justice and security. Why? Not only does Culver offer a superior criminal justice education, it helps students find real-world internships in law enforcement, prisons system, and other justice agencies to ensure students have the experience and professional skills required to qualify for top positions upon graduation. $17,991
26 Florida Memorial University
Miami Gardens, FL
The B.A. in Criminal Justice at Florida Memorial University prepare students for career in law enforcement, corrections and other fields within the American criminal justice system. Many students also use this degree as springboard into a master's or graduate degree program. Topic covered in the B.A. program in criminal justice at Florida Memorial include criminal psychology, sociology of deviance, police administration, and state and local government. $15,635
27 Huston-Tillotson University
Austin, TX
The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree program at Huston-Tillotson University explores the practical and theoretical aspcts of law enforcement, deviant behavior, criminal psychology and crime prevention as they relate to real-world careers in modern day law enforcement and the American criminal justice system. Students are required to complete two interships. $18,255
28 Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL
The Law Enforcement and Justice Administration program at Western Illinois University has been ranked by U.S. News & World report among the top criminal justice programs in the nation. Through a theorectical and practice approach to criminal justice education, Western Illinois University prepare students for a large variety of career paths in criminal justice, law enforcement and homeland security. $16,829
29 Coker College
Hartsville, SC
The criminology program at Coker College is designed for aspiring criminal justice professionals who want to make a positive change in the lives of both criminals and their victimes. The four-year bachelor's degree program in criminal justice will prepare students for a myriad of career opportunities. Specializes areas of study include forensic psychology, crisis intervention, child abuse and substance abuse. $15,378
30 Point University
West Point, GA
Point University offers a bachelor's degree in criminal justice with concentrations in sociology and psychology. Cousework covers a vast array of current topics and issues in criminal justice including judicial law, forensic psychology and sociological research methods. As a Christian institution, Point University prepares students to become faith based leaders. $14,190
31 The Sage Colleges
Troy, NY
Criminal Justice Degree - BA/BS $17,249
32 Cumberland University
Lebanon, TN
Criminal Justice and Public Administration $18,137
33 South Carolina State University
Orangeburg, SC
Criminal Justice Degree $18,315
34 University of Missouri Kansas City
Kansas City, MO
Criminal Justice and Criminology $18,904
35 University of St. Francis
Fort Wayne, IN
Criminal and Social Justice $17,577
36 Upper Iowa University
Fayette, IA
Public Administration: Law Enforcement $17,513
37 York College
York, NE
Criminal Justice Major $13,400
38 Sterling College
Sterling, KS
Criminal Justice $16,272
39 Eastern Nazarene College
Quincy, MA
Crime, Law, and Justice $14,867
40 The College of New Jersey
Ewing, NJ
Criminology $19,119
41 Remington College–Heathrow Campus
Heathrow, FL
Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice $19,659
42 North Carolina Wesleyan College
Rocky Mount, NC
Criminal Justice Degree $19,317
43 St. Mary’s University
Winona, MN
Criminal Justice Major – Law Enforcement Track $21,123
44 Alliant International University
Winona, MN
Criminology or Criminal Justice $18,968
45 Waldorf College
Forest City, IA
Bachelor of Applied Science in Criminal Justice $19,521
46 Central Christian College of Kansas
McPherson, KS
Online Criminal Justice Degree $13,622
47 Lake Erie College
Painesville, OH
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice $19,764
48 Brevard College
Brevard, NC
Criminal Justice Degree $20,417
49 Adrian College
Adrian, MI
Criminal Justice Degree $21,962
50 Millikin University
Decatur, IA
Political Science with a Minor in Criminal Justice $19,208
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