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Women's Studies Degree

Women's studies examines many of the issues unique to women's lives throughout the world, including equality, violence and economics. Women's studies is an interdisciplinary field of stuy that crosses over into the arts, law, education and psychology. Consquently, students can look forward to a large variety of educational and career tracks.

Students enrolled in women's studies degree programs study women's literature and history, and issues currently impacting women in the United States and culturals across the globe. In these programs, topics are usually approached from a feminist perspective. Topics covered include feministy philosophy, american women's literature, sociology, women's studies fundamentals, history of feminism, oppression and privilege, feminist activism and inequity in society.

Those pursuing a bachelor's degree in women's studies usually complete courses in a wide range of topics, whereas graduate students typically specialize in only one aspect of women's studies. Since job opportunities in the field of women's studies are competitive, it's advisable for people desiring a career in this field to earn a doctorate degree.

Career opportunities for women's studies specialists can be found in government agencies, nonprofit organizations, human rights advocacy groups, colleges and universities, and healthcare facilities. Popular career options for individuals with a degree in women's studies include journalist, community organizer, health worker, case manager, program director, women's advocacy group leader, women's shelter director, grant writer, social worker, counselor and researcher.

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