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Anthropology Degree

Anthropologists study human cultures. This includes the study of social development, linguistics, religious customs, and much more. Branches of the broader field of anthropology include linguistic, sociocultural, and biophysical anthropology. Anthropologists are employed by government agencies, museums, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations.

Entry-level anthropology jobs can be obtained with an associate's or bachelor's degree in anthropology or a closely related discipline. Those interested in university-level teaching and research positions, however, need to earn a graduate degree, preferably a Ph.D. Some colleges and universities offer online anthropology degree programs at an undergraduate level, but very few schools offer online doctorate degree programs in anthropology.

Associate Degree in Anthropology
Earning an associate degree in anthropology provides students with a broad overview of the theories and practices in anthropology. The associate degree in anthropology is most commonly awarded as the Associate of Arts (A.A.), however, a few schools offers and Associate of Science in Anthropology. An A.A. degree in anthropology provides students a good foundation for pursuing a bachelor's degree.

Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology
As is the case with most bachelor's degree, a bachelor's degree in anthropology generally takes about four years to complete. Like an associate's degree in anthropology, a bachelor's in anthropology also provides a strong foundation for continued education within the discipline. Common concepts and skills taught in these programs include anthropological research, data collection, cultural research methods and analysis, and modern anthropological practice. Students can also look forwared to anthropological fieldwork opportunities throughout their program.

Masters's Degree in Anthropology
A master's degree in anthropology prepares students for entry-level careers in various fields, including museum curation and management, nonprofit management, social service consulting, forensic investigation, research, and teaching, among others. Common concepts covered in an anthropology master's degree program including economic anthropology, museum studies, osteology, museum studies and contemporary anthropological theory, to name a few.

Ph.D in Anthropology
A Ph.D. is the terminal degree for those seeking an advanced education in anthropology. As part of a Ph.D. program in anthropology, students are required to completed both a dissertation and research project. Many Ph.D. programs are expect students to complete fieldwork and research projects as well. A Ph.D. in anthropology prepares students for careers in anthropological research or to teach at the university level.

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