Petroleum Engineering Degree

Petroleum engineers specialize in oil exploration and extraction. They are responsible for developing techniques to maximize oil extraction and locate new oil reserves. Even though many companies are attempting to develop alternative sources of energy, qualified petroleum engineers will be in high demand for years to come. It's not uncommon for petroleum engineers to work overseas. Many colleges and universities now offer bachelor's and master's degree programs in petroleum engineering.

Students enrolled in online petroleum engineering degree programs are usually required to complete classes in oil extraction recovery methods, well placement theory, drilling technology, plate tectonics, seismology, and geophysics.

Many oil companies hire individuals with bachelor's degrees in petroleum engineering in entry-level positions, but those with master's degrees usually earn more money and receive more promotions.

Explore petroleum engineering bachelor's and graduate degree programs offered by accredited schools. A few schools offer programs in gas engineering management and natural gas engineering.

Petroleum Engineering Degree Programs

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