General Engineering Degree

Engineers utilize science and math to develop new technology and solve technical issues. All the technology that is enjoyed in modern life was designed by engineers. Engineers also perform troubleshooting to improve and make technology more efficient.

There are numerous branches of engineering, including computer, mechanical, aerospace, chemical, and electrical. The two largest engineering fields are materials and civil engineering. Regardless of the field one chooses, all engineers are required to complete extensive schooling before they can practice.

Many entry-level engineering jobs can be obtained with a bachelor's degree; however, many companies prefer to hire applicants with master's degrees. Engineers employed by government agencies at all levels are required to satisfy specified licensing requirements. A prime motivator behind this requirement is the fact that many engineers employed by government agencies are assigned to infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, damns, etc. All potential engineers must demonstrate proficiency in math, physics, safety issues, and numerous other scientific concepts to successfully complete a degree program in engineering. Explore degree programs at all levels in various engineering fields that can be completed online or at a local campus-location.

General Engineering Degree Programs

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