Construction Management Degree

Construction managers supervise small and large construction projects. They are responsible for supervising employees, hiring new workers, keeping track of inventories, completing paperwork, and ensuring safety rules are followed. Additionally, construction managers frequently meet with vendors, building code inspectors, and union representatives.

Many construction managers get hired to supervisory positions after years of acquiring construction experience, but many construction companies prefer to fill management positions with applicants holding college degrees. Many schools offer apprenticeship programs for students interested in obtaining work experience while earning a degree.

Most students enrolled in construction management degree programs are required to complete courses in architectural sciences, inspection procedures, safety codes, business management, cost estimation, project management, and site planning. Construction managers must have management and construction skills.

Explore construction management degree programs that can be completed online or at campuses nationwide. Many schools offer specialized programs in power technology, construction engineering, and construction management.

Construction Management Degrees and Programs

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