Private Security

Plenty of job opportunities are available in the private security industry. Private security guards monitor stores to safeguard property and protect employees.

Security guards patrol specified areas and utilize sophisticated electronic surveillance technology to monitor activity. They typically work for retailers, hospitals, and banks. Wealthy or famous people often hire private security guards. Requirements to become a private security guard differ by organization. Some organizations hire security guards without experience, while private individuals and some companies only hire security guards with law enforcement experience. Security guards are typically 18 or older, have a record free of felonies and serious misdemeanors, and have completed some formal training. While completing formal training, security guards learn how to safeguard property, utilize weapons and sophisticated surveillance technology, respond to emergencies, and prepare reports.

Security guards must possess excellent communication skills, make smart choices, have good vision, and make adjustments when necessary. Some companies require security guards to work by themselves in surveillance centers.

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Job growth in the private security industry is expected to continue increasing at a high rate. In fact, private security jobs are projected to increase at a rate about twice that of police jobs through the next decade. Security jobs are expected to double during the next 5 years.

More companies are now depending on private security guards to protect their property. To provide security, private security officers utilize traditional patrolling methods and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment. Regardless of methods, private security officers ensure clients are safe from criminals.

Training requirements to work in this industry depend on security specialty and employer. Most companies only hire security guards who are 18 years of age or older, have not been convicted of any felonies, and possess some relevant work experience. High-end private security companies paying high wages typically require guards to be college educated, with preference given to individuals who've studied criminal justice or related fields. These companies also recruit guards trained to use surveillance equipment and carry firearms, experienced in public relations, and who have excellent writing skills. College educated security guards typically get paid more and get promoted to senior positions. If you're interested in security management, complete a college program in organizational security and management.

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